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Technical Content Writing Services

Technical writing is more than know how software instructions; they add more value & meaning to product usage.

SAM has developed various user manuals that are user friendly and provide an ease of usage.
The documents delivered by us are high on quality, well designed and visually aesthetic and appealing. Whenever content is created some basic factors associated with content writing are always set as benchmark. The lines are kept short and simple and images and examples are added extensively to ensure complete understanding. At SAM Info Systems even while comprehending a user manual complete ground work is done before beginning. The target audience and how the manual will be used is identified. All this ground work leads to effective manuals that prove immensely efficient. We use the latest technologies such as MSWord, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dream weaver, robohelp etc.

Some of the services offered by SAM Info Systems are

Documentation Services
SAM Info Systems know the importance of processes and planning. Based on organization type we help to develop process, templates and other relevant process for software companies.
Online Help Systems
We can create an Online Help System that supports text, audio and videos. Help systems include wide range of documentation right from simple User Manuals to Online Help, Installation guides, Quick reference guides, Datasheets, Product marketing collaterals, etc.
Software Documentation
We also aid in creating technical documents such as SRS and other SDLC documentation such as Functional Documents, Design Documents, Test Cases etc.
Our Methodology
Our methodology is clear and concise that aims at delivering effective documents that are efficient. The methodology that we follow is simple five step process as explained below:
Requirement Gathering
This step includes communication with client, product walkthrough and probable product usage.
After we are acquainted fully with you products we create the document. Extreme care is taken to ensure that the documents simple, accurate and complete. Proper indexes and table of contents is managed for easy access by end user. The content writers also keep in mind that proper captions are used. Complete care of copy write issues are also kept in mind.
Peer and Supervisor Review
Once the document is complete it is reviewed to improve clarity and ease of use. The manual is tested internally from end user perspective and changes are implemented accordingly.
Client Reviews
Once the document is reviewed internally it is sent across to the client for final review. The defects or suggestions are incorporated accordingly. The copywrite of the document rests with the client finally.
The final delivery is made in a format suitable as per the needs.

List of Documents that we can create

User Guides
Online Help
Web Help
Training Materials
Website Content
Programmer's Guides
Administrator's Guides
Installation Guides
Technical Reference Manuals
Release Notes
Process Documentation
Template Creation
System Design Documents
Assembly Manuals
Maintenance Manuals
Software Manuals
Testing Documents
Technical Writing Training
Quick Reference Guide
Template Designing
Power Point Presentations

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