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SAM Info Systems is an offshore dynamic development IT Company that provides strategic business solutions. Our repertoire of knowledge gained over the years helps us to delivers beyond the limitations of geographical boundaries.We provide high-level project development & management support. Our teams of professionals are extremely competent and hold experience in diverse backgrounds. Our work culture is extremely open and conducive and nurtures new ideas and technology to enhance and unleash full potential.
SAM info Systems is synonyms with Quality Since we believe in anticipating and responding to changes lying ahead thus enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Business Returns.

Our Approach

At SAM We visualize, plan, believe and then... act! Our expertise services include Offshore Web Development solutions, Internet Marketing services, Web Designing services, Software Development solutions and other services which help you enhance the value and image of your flourishing business, along with your overall web presence.

Our execution process
When you Request for a Quote, from us, it requires you to feed in detailed information of your web development needs. This information further helps us in developing a precise and to the point review of your requirements, helping us to comprehend them better.
Fully knowing what your requirements are, we sit and analyze how well and value added solutions and services we can provide to your website. After a collective brain storming session, our project management team, comprising of designers, content developers and software engineers, send you a complete study on your project.
This study comprises of suggestions like additions, deletion or changes (if any) needed in the site, in order to begin with the focused approach, and keeping you in knowledge of what is appropriately suitable to your project.
With the project description and requirements provided to us, by you, we then visualize the procedure we are going to adapt, to provide you with the best web solutions. With visualizing what is to be done and how much time would be needed, we provide you with an estimate time and price, which will be required to do the work.
A theory is then formulated and the working planned accordingly, with one of our project managers, exclusively assigned to your site.
Our manager constantly communicates with you, to keep you in touch with the detailed progress report of your project. With the help of your instant feedback and participation, we incorporate in your project, all that you require, along with providing our suggestions and input, to enhance your project further.
Development of your web projects
A model or a mock up is made according to your requirements and inputs, which is then sent to you for approval. Only when the model is approved by you, with any changes (if required), is the final project prepared.
Ensuring that your project finishes in the intended time, without compromising on the quality and exclusivity, the final project is then operational . With your participation in accepting the desired results, your web project is ready to be launched.
Postproduction support
SAM offers various post production or maintenance support solutions, which you can choose from. Depending on the volume of the changes or alterations, vary the price cost of each. We value our clients and their feedback and will be glad to assist you, as and when required.

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